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Tournament 6 Moreton 24/02/2019

Coventry came into this weekend’s games with a new coach and a new philosophy.
Head coach Johanna only had 1 week to work with her team and set the new systems in which she wanted the team to play.

Coventry started their days games with a big game against a very strong and skillfull Wakefield side. Coventry beat Wakefield 7-6 last time the teams met and it was obvious from the start that Wakefield were trying to reverse that result.
A bad start from Coventry and an error in defence meant that Coventry would go 1-0 down early on in the game, but as has been the story all season long, Coventry didn’t give up and their heads did not drop. It would then be another 11 minutes, of hard work and plenty of opportunities, until the scoring continues and it would be Coventry that would tie the game and the goal would come from number 68 Petr Smejdovec. 20 seconds later Wakefield would strike back putting Coventry on the back foot, Wakefield would continue to pile on the pressure and the Lightning would weather the storm and control the pace of the game. 3 goals from Coventrys number 5 Jan Felcman would send Coventry into half time with a 4-2 lead and shock not only themselves but the league.

Wakefield came out into the second half with a point to prove and once again pilled on the pressure, they would bring the game to within 1 just before the midway point of the second half. But another goal from star forward Jan Felcman would send Coventry again 2 ahead and then less than 30 seconds later Jan would make his game tally up to 5 goals and extend Coventry lead. The Lightning were relentless and carried on pushing for more goals. Coventry captain Joe Gilbert would be rewarded with his first goal of the season, which came after a well worked play down low by fellow line mate Kieran Holland. Wakefield then again struck back to bring the score line to 7-4 but with not a lot of time remaining.
With just over 2 minutes to go Coventry Forward Jan Felcman would make it 6 goals in the game and extend Coventry lead to 8-4, with a fantastic break away goal.
Coventry feared that they would see the same thing happen as they did last time they faced Wakefield but a final push by Wakefield was managed perfectly by new coach Johanna Andreassen. Coventry Goalkeeper Maisie Gilbert pulled off some fantastic saves to see the game out and the game would end 8-4 in favour of Coventry.

Jan Felcman:- 6 plus 1
Petr Smejdovec:- 1 plus 4
Joe Gilbert:- 1 plus 1
Kieran Holland:- 1 Assist
Scott Marsh:- 1 Assist

Coventry next came up against a strong and well drilled Bristol side. When these two teams faced each other last, Bristol came out on top with a dominant performance and out classing Coventry.

It was obvious by the pre game team talk that coach Joahnna did not want Coventry to drop any points over the weekend and the team responded well.

Just over 4 minutes in Bristol would strike first with a well worked goal and good team play. Coventry responded within 40 seconds with a goal from number 23 Kieran Holland after a great pass by player coach Johanna Andreassen. 3 and a half minutes later and Bristol went into the lead again after their star player displayed his amazing ability to shoot from far out. It was then a tense 4 minutes as the game was played fast and end to end action throughout. Jan Felcman then struck again and continued his fine form in front of goal. The half time score would be 2-2, a lot closer than the last time the 2 teams met.

The second half continued from where the first half left off and Jan Felcman again struck earlier to put Coventry 3-2 up. As Bristol have shown all season, they never give up, they struck back again just 1 minute later and continued to push the Coventry defence back. Coventry scored again 2 minutes later and Jan Felcman again scored to put Coventry 4-3 ahead and keep Coventry hopes alive of a 6 point weekend. Bristol would score 2 quick goals and put Coventrys hopes a 6 point weekend into the past.

Bristol would hold on for 10 minutes and neither team would score but both coming very close. Bristol then conceded a penalty with just under 3 minutes to go putting Coventry on the power play looking for a game tying goal late on. Super star forward and inform sniper Jan Felcman would provide Coventry with just that. Both teams pressed each other and worked really hard and it seemed as if the game would end a draw and both teams share the points. Coventry had other ideas. With 10 seconds remaining Petr Smejdovec would score and send Coventry 1 goal ahead. One final push by Bristol was stopped and a free hit close to Coventry goal with a second to go would be denied by goal keeper Maisie Gilbert and give Coventry a huge win and all 6 points over the weekend.

Jan Felcman:- 4 plus 1
Petr Smejdovec:- 1 plus 2
Kieran Holland: 1 goal
Johanna Andreassen:- 2 Assists

Tournament 5 Moreton 20/01/19

Coventry kick started the year with an early game against the leagues front runners UCM. Coventry had 2 new faces in the line up with Swedish player Johanna and Czech Forward Petr. UCM started exactly as expected, they came out hard and fast and Coventry lacked pace and discipline and that came at a price with UCM taking a 4 goal lead early into the game. Coventrys goalie Maisie Gilbert would take a hard hit to the head which would subsequently keep her out for the remainder of the weekend. But new signing Petr stepped up and went between the pipes. The second half saw more of the same with UCM adding goals and not holding back. Coventry did settle down and managed to add 2 late goals both coming from forward Jan. The game would end 13-2.

Coventrys second opponents of 2019 would come in the form of university side Warwick. Bartek would get the start between the pipes in this game. Warwick would play the game with 7 outfield players and their goalie but that didnt stop them from playing hard. Warwick took advantage of Coventrys poor defending and took an early lead and then continued to add goals. Coventry never gave up, just as they havent all season, with scoring opportunities plenty Coventry just couldnt find the back of the net and it looked as though it wouldnt be their day. Coventry did manage to get 2 goals and pulled the goalie for the last 2 minutes but again the ball just wouldnt cross the line no matter how hard Coventry tried. Warwicks keeper played a great game as was the difference maker. The game would end 5-3 in favour of Warwick.

Coventry had a poor first weekend of 2019 and will definetly want to improve their results for the remainder of 2019. New signings Johanna and Petr really impressed today and the future for Coventry looks good.

Tournament 4 Wakefield 16/12/2018

Coventrys games in 2018 have come to an end after 3 weeks of back to back games.

Coventry started their final days games of 2018 against a well drilled and dominant wakefield side. The game started as expected, with both teams showing lots of effort and passion. At 5:11 into the game Coventry player Jan Felcman scored the opening goal of the game. Wakefield came back strong and scored at 6:07, Coventry looked as though they would experince the same as last week against UCM. Coventry continued to push and were rewarded with a second goal at 7:54 with a well worked goal by Prema. Putting Coventry up 2-1. Coventry would work hard and out play and out battle Wakefield and end the first half 6-2 up. Coventrys second half would take off from where they left off with a lot of hard work and another goal added to the score sheet. At 17:27 Wakefield would strike back and make it 7-3, Wakefield continued to push and scored a 4th at 18:18. Coventrys heads did not drop and defended with all the passion and pride they could. Then at 19:19 wakefield would score a 5th, wakefield were looking at making a fairytale turn around and grab the 3 points. It seemed that way when wakefield struck again at 19:53. Coventry worked hard to keep the ball after the faceoff win and would hold onto the 7-6 victory with probably the biggest upset of the season so far.

Coventry would then face Bristol in their final game of 2018. Jan would again open the scoring at 3:23 into the first half. The game continued to go up and down the field and Bristol would level at 5:42 with a well worked goal. The game would then become a tennis match with Coventry going 2-1 up and Bristol again scoring to make it 2-2. Then a change in lead would put Coventry 3-2 up with a goal by Prema and for the first time in Coventrys history, goaltender Maisie Gilbert would get her first ever assist! The first half would end 3-3 with yet another equalising goal by Bristol. Coventry would go 6-3 down inside the first 2 minutes of the second half after a short lapse in defence and loss on concentration. Coventry then struck back to bring the game to 6-4. The game continued to be a back and forth game with both teams scoring and playing hard right to the end. A 10-7 loss would end Coventrys year.

Coventry come away from this weekend with 3 points and end the year with 9 points from 8 games at the half way point of the season. After the giant killing today, Coventry have proven not to be taken lightly this season.

Everyone have a great christmas and see you all in 2019 as Coventrys floorball story continues!!!!





Tournament 3 Nottingham 8/12/2018

Coventry experienced mixed emotions during todays 2 games. Coventry opened the days games with a game against UCM. A good to start to Coventry paid off as they took a 1-0 lead in the early stages of the game but that would be about as good as it would get for Coventry. The 1-0 lead seemed to have poked the bear that was UCM as they opened fire and didnt hold back which saw them dominate the rest of the first half with it finishing 7-2 after a good final 5 minutes by Coventry. Thr second half would be more of the same with UCM shooting at every opportunity. However Coventrys Goal Keeper Maisie Gilbert would pull off some phenominal saves to do her best to keep the game close. A missed penalty shot by Sarita Heikkinen after Defenceman Joe Gilbert stepped inside the goalies area, looked to give Coventry a bit of life but it was too little too late and with the UCM Goal Keeper Matthew Sellars playing a great game, it just wasnt to be for Coventry. The game ended 14-2 to UCM

In Coventrys second game of the day they would face last weeks opponents Nottingham. The Nottingham side had a much larger squad compared to Coventrys 7 players. A quick goal again would put Coventry up 1-0, it looked as though we would see the same as last week but that quickly changed as a well worked Nottingham play would be rewarded with a goal and level at 1-1 with Coventry. The players seemed to calm down and start playing as a team, this came with another hand full of goals in the first half. Coventry continued to press hard for the rest of the game and Scott Marsh would get hid first goal of the season!!! Coventry continued to press and were rewarded with a 14-1 win and another 3 points on the board.

Coventry continue there league campaign next Sunday in Wakefield.

A big thanks to Nottingham for hosting us this weekend.





Tournament 2 Cambridge 2/12/2018

Tournament 2 is done and dusted for Coventrys season. A great day of floorball saw Coventry face Cambridge in the first game of the day. The game was a very high pace with lots of scoring opportunities at either end and a lot of passion being shown. It would be Cambridge who would open the scoring after a lapse in defence by Coventry. The game continued to be close with a high tempo. Cambridge were leading 4-1 with 2 minutes to go and then Coventry would make it 4-2. A timeout called immerdiately after would result in goalkeeper Maisie being pulled to give Coventry 6 attackers. Coventry pilled on the pressure for the last 60 seconds but a resilient Cambridge defence wouldnt let the ball past. The game finished 4-2, a great game of floorball by both teams.

Coventry would play Nottingham in their next game. Coventry dominated possesion early on and started to break down a hard working Nottingham side. A 1-0 lead came early but then Nottingham put up a strong fight for the rest of the first half. Coventry would end the first half 3-0 up. The second half would begin the same as the first, Coventry then found their feet and began pilling on the pressure and scored 4 goals in quick succesion. Nottingham never gave up and kept on working hard all game. With Coventry 10-0 up it looked as though Maisie would get her first Shut out of the season but Nottingham would get a very well deserved goal. Nottingham then had second effort that would go past Maisie but it was beaten by the buzzer. The game would end 10-1 and Coventry got their first points of the season. With a record of 1-0-3 we go into next weekend with games against league favourites UCM and Nottingham for the second time this season.





Tournament 1 St.Ives 4/11/2018

The first tournament of the season is done and dusted. The first game against Norwich was a hard fought game by both sides but Coventry came out second with a scoreline of 6-4.

The second game came against last years league champions Rhinos. Coventry went ahead 3-2 in the early stages of the game. After a few quick goals by Rhinos and an injury to Coventrys goalie, the first period concluded. Rhinos would continue to dominate but Coventry never gave up and worked right to the end. The final score was 17-3 to the Rhinos.

A big thanks to Cambridge Floorball Club for hosting the tournament and a big thanks to all the players who gave it their all today!!

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