Name: Maisie Gilbert
Number: 31
Position: Goal Keeper
DOB: 15/02/2002
Nationality: English
City: Coventry
Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite Film: Kingsman
Occupation: Sixth Form Student
Other Hobbies: Ice Hockey, Gym

Name: Sarita Heikkinen
Number: 13
Position: Defender (Head Coach)
DOB: 2/6/1987
Nationality: Finland
City: Market Harborough
Favourite food: All the vegetarian stuff that drives Scott mad!
Favourite Film: Give me a bag of crisps and I’ll watch anything
Occupation: Communications Officer
Other Hobbies: A dedicated ice hockey tourist, a wannabe surfer and a crazy puppy mummy

Name: Dans Hofrats
Number: 8
Position: Forward
DOB: 24/02/1993
Nationality: British/Latvian
City: Birmingham, UK
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Favourite Film: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Captain Fantastic
Occupation: Finance professional/accountant
Other Hobbies: Poker, rollerblading, other sports, hiking, light gaming

Name: Dominic Holland
Number: 47
Position: Defender (Chairman)
DOB: 11/03/1998
Nationality: English
City: Coventry
Favourite food: Sunday Roast
Favourite film: Fast and Furious 8
Occupation: Student
Other hobbies: Ice-hockey, cricket, beer, Spending time with my loved ones

Name: Kieran Holland
Number: 23
Position: Forward
DOB: 12/10/2000
Nationality: English
City: Coventry
Favourite food: 14oz sirloin steak
Favourite film: Home Alone
Occupation: Carpenter
Other Hobbies: Cricket, Ice Hockey, Travelling, Spending time with my loved ones

Name: Joe Gilbert
Number: 16
Position: Forward (Captain)
DOB: 26/03/1998
Nationality: English
City: Coventry
Favourite food: Steak and Chips
Favourite film: Happy Gilmore
Occupation: Underground Surveyor
Other Hobbies: Ice hockey

Name: Klaudia Kulinska
Number: 84
Position: Defender
DOB: 13/02/1996
Nationality: Polish
City: Northampton
Favourite food: Any Italian dish!
Favourite Film: Just go with it
Occupation: Credit controller
Other Hobbies: music

Name: Bartlomiej Jermalonek
Number: 17
Position: Foward
DOB: 05/08/1999
Nationality: Polish
City: Slupsk
Favourite food: Italian food
Favourite Film: Lord of the rings trilogy
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Other Hobbies: Football, Art

Name: Edgars Burels
Number: 92
Position: Forward
DOB: 08/02/1992
Nationality: Latvian
City: Bulkington
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite Film: Fast and Furious
Occupation: Warehouse Man
Other Hobbies: Watching Ice Hockey

Name: Janis Vilders
Number: 9
Position: Defender
DOB: 10/03/1989
Nationality: Latvian
City: Leicester
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite Film: Training Day
Occupation: Driver
Other Hobbies: Predator Fishing

Name: Maksims Ivanovs
Number: 12
Position: Goalkeeper
DOB: 06/09/1998
Nationality: Latvian
City: Birmingham
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite Film: Peaky Blinders
Occupation: Portable Building Installer and Fitter
Other MTB Bikes

Name: Scott Marsh
Number: 6
Position: Forward (Child Protection Officer)
DOB: 20/02/1987
Nationality: British
City: Market Harborough
Favourite food: Yellow Mini Eggs
Favourite Film: Beauty and The Beast “Cartoon”
Occupation: Fire/Ambulance Service
Other Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Surfing, Snowboarding and Paramotoring

Name: Meg Geddes
Number: 4
Position: Forward
DOB: 05/12/1999
Nationality: British
City: Chipping Campden
Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese
Favourite Film: The Lion King
Occupation: Bar Manager
Other Hobbies: Dance & Field Hockey

Name: Oskars Burels
Number: 27
Position: Defense
DOB: 31/05/1993
Nationality: Latvian
City: Nuneaton
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite Film: Like all type of films
Occupation: Warehouse man
Other Hobbies: Watching ice hockey, travelling

Name: Johanna Andreassen
Number: 72
Position: Forward/ Defence/Coach
DOB: 23/11/1990
Nationality: Swede
City: Boden
Favourite food: All types of moose meat
Favourite film: The Rock
Occupation: Wrestling wife
Other Hobbies: Traveling, eating and fishing

Name: Will Kempster
Number: 91
Position: Forward
Nationality: British
DOB: 29/03/1994
City: Milton Keynes
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Film: Deadpool 2
Occupation: Vehicle maintenance and repair student / kitchen assistant
Other Hobbies: Ice hockey fan, photography, building my model railway and a motorsport fan.

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