Club Captain Announcement

This past week the players from Coventry have been voting on who they want their Captain to be for the 2019/20 campaign. It was a landslide for 1 certain individual who took 14 of the possible 20 votes available.

We are delighted to annouce that Joe Gilbert will continue to wear the C for next season. Joe Captained the side in Coventrys inaugural season and lead them to a 7th place finish with some outstanding performances and 2 unlikely wins against Wakefield. Joe was moved around the team by last year’s Head Coach Johanna and settled in well to all positions.

Joe has a calm head and always puts the club first. He is a natural born leader and is well respected by his team mates, Joe keeps spirits high and will humour players but he also knows when to be serious and how to get the best out of the players.

Coaching Staff Changes In Coventry

We can confirm that there will be some changes to the coaching staff for the coming season. Last seasons head coach Johanna will be taking a back seat this season as she deals with personal issues.

After discussions with the team and Johanna, we have found a very good replacement for the season. Sarita will take over the head coach duties as well as playing for the team. Sarita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the coaching staff. She is a born champion, having won league titles and appeared at the national finals, Sarita knows how to win games and championships. Sraita brings new tactics to the team and these have been working well during pre season training and games, she however has kept many of the good aspects of our game from last season and this has made the transition for the players a lot easier. Sarita has had to deal with a lot of new players for this season but this hasn’t stopped her making an impact early on.

Johanna will continue to help out as the assistant coach for this season and Joe will also be helping out with the behind the scenes affairs.

We believe with this coaching staff and input off other players we will be stronger than last season.

Finish Flash Joins the Lightning

Coventry are pleased to announce the signing of forward Joni Nivala from Finland.

Joni contacted Coventry a while back and showed an immediate interest in playing floorball in England to continue his floorball career overseas. Joni brings a wealth of experience to Coventry and his physical game adds to the already powerful Coventry Offence. Joni has the ability to score from anywhere on the field and this is something Coventry struggled with last season, so his shooting ability will be a big boost to the Coventry team. Joni has impressed over the summer and shows he works well with any player in the squad.

Joni will wear number 62 for this season.

The Girl power continues in Coventry

We are pleased to announce the signing of Klaudia Kulinska, she will join the fellow group of girls who are bonding well in Coventry.

Klaudia approached the club a couple of months back and was keen to join the club and as soon as she joined the team in pre season training, it was obvious she was going to fit right in here in Coventry. She is a quick and fast thinking defender who plays well with all types of players and will be valuable to club with her versatility on the field. Klaudia will play her first season in England this year and we are proud she has chosen the city of Coventry to start her English career in floorball.

Klaudia will wear number 84 this season

Speedy defenceman joins the Lightning

Coventry are pleased to announce the signing of Gregorz Olkiewicz to the team for the 2019/20 season.

Gregorz trained with Coventry last season and improved every time he trained. He has continued to improve and impress over the summer and has found his feet within the Lightning team. His physicality and speed in defence will bring a new element to the team and it has shown to work in partnership with fellow new signing Oskars Burrels. Gregorz also has a hard and accurate shot which is exactly what Coventry need from their defenders this year, he will create opportunities for himself and his fellow team mates all season long. Gregorz also brings comedy to the team with him constantly making his team mates laugh and this will help keep team spirits high all season long.

Gregorz will wear number 85 this season

Polish power returns

Bartek Jermalonek will return to Coventry for the 2019/2020 season after impressing last season.

Bartek joined the club at the start of last season having moved over from local rivals Warwick Floorball. Bartek helped out building the club by sharing his knowledge and experiences with the founders of the Lightning. Bartek was a huge influence on the pitch as well with his quick and skilful play along with his calmness and determination to win every ball. Bartek posted 7 points last season with 4 goals and 3 assists. Bartek played in every position last season including in goal for 1 and a half games when starting goalie Maisie got injured at the start of the season. Bartek will continue to be a valuable asset to the team as we push on for next season and his high spirits and comical behaviour he will keep morale high in Coventry.

Bartek will wear number 17 for next season

One Jan in to Replace one Jan leaving

Now this signing may be confusing to some of you.

We are pleased to announce the signing of Jan Matousek to the lightning for the coming season. Jan is a good friend of ex lightning player Jan Felcman.

Jan Felcman recommend for his friend for join Coventry this season. We have heard nothing but good things about our latest signing. We are hoping he can replicate the same performances as Jan Felcman did last season for the Lightning, he will bring a wealth of experience to the side and adds size and strength to the Lightning aswell. We haven’t yet seen Jan play but if all the stories are true then we have found ourselves a gem.
Nothing like putting pressure on the new signings.

Jan will wear number 89 for the season.

Another Rival Joins!

Coventry have signed their fourth player from local rivals UCM for the upcoming season, this signing comes in the form of Janis Vilders.

Janis was a big part in UCM’s success last season and impressed everyone over the course of the season. Janis did suffer a injury that kept him out of most of the end of last season, he will be hoping to stay healthy for this coming season as he will be a key part in Coventry’s plan. Janis has shown he can play in any position and has a great awareness of the game, his skill along with his game awareness will help calm things down in vital games and his cool head means he will be able to make plays under pressure. Janis is a born winner and knows what it will take for Coventry to compete next season. He has already helped with team tactics and we are lucky to have Janis for next season.

Janis will wear number 9 for next season.

Coach returns!

Club Head Coach Johanna Andreasen will return for the second year for the 2019/20 season.

After coming into the club part way through last season, Johanna had an immediate impact on the running of the club and our performances on the pitch, she bought in new tactics and moved players around to get the best out of the players in the team. While filling her coaching duties she also played a huge part with the on pitch performanced, registering 5 points with 5 assists. We know the goals will come for her in the next season and her presence at the back will again be key to building success in Coventry. The swedish native showed passion and grit last season and she has incorporated these attributes into the teams play. As the club builds with players, Johanna will have a tough decision to make when it comes to picking teams for games.

Johanna will wear number 72 next season

Coaches player returns.

 Lightnings Captain from last season Joe Gilbert returns for his second year in a Lightning Jersey.

Joe started the club last season with the help of fellow members Dom Holland, Kieran Holland and Maisie Gilbert and since then the club has grown bigger and bigger. Joe started the season in defence where he has player for 15 years in ice hockey and that proved to be a big help to himself and the team with his knowledge of reading the game. His defensive efforts helped save the team in critical games. When coach Johanna came in mid way through the season she moved Joe up to centre and that proved to he one of the best decisions she made as coach. Joe’s scoring form came and he averaged a goal a game after being moved to centre, he registered 7 points with 5 goals and 2 assists but he will continue to work hard to improve those numbers for next season. Joe also picked up the coaches player of the year award last season after he impressed coach Johanna.

Joe will wear number 16 next season.

GB international joins Coventry

GB women’s international player Meg Geddes will join the Lightning for the 2019/2020 season.

Meg was put in  contact with the club when her international coach and Coventry player Sarita recommended she joined a building team which was Coventry. We saw Meg in action at the Cambridge invitational a fee weeks ago and she impressed with her physicality and skill. She moves the ball well and reads the games well, she will be a big addition to the Lightning for next season. Everyone has nothing but good words to say about Meg, her attitude is second to none and. She has settled in well with the team and she has been welcomed by all members.

Meg will wear number 4 for next season

Another 2 brothers re-signed

This set of brothers were regulars in last season’s team and scored a combined 28 points between the pair of them.

Dom Holland was a key player in defence for Coventry last season, last season was his debut season playing floorball and was part of the original 4 founding members. Dom improved game on game during the season and found his feet when new coach Johanna came into the club. Dom scored 4 points last season, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists, we know he will be looking to improve those numbers next season and he will utilise his size and experience to do a job in defence.

Dom will wear number 47 next season

Kieran Holland, the younger brother of Dom Holland, was vital to Coventry’s attacking unit last season. Last season was also Kierans debut season playing floorball and he was also part of the 4 founding members of the club. With his speed and quick thinking Kieran found himself with plenty of scoring opportunities last season, registering 13 goals and 11 assists which made him the second highest point scorer behind Jan Felcman. Kieran will be desperate to improve those numbers next season and do his part for the team.

Kieran will wear number 23 next season

David and Sarita make it 3!

David Lui and Sarita Heikkinen have both signed for Coventry for the 2019/2020 season.
Both David and Sarita come from local rivals UCM, they played along side fellow new signing Dans. All 3 of them were a part of the team that stormed the Midlands league last season with only 1 loss and went on to come second in the national finals.

David had a great season for UCM last season and caused the Lightning a lot of trouble in the 2 games he played against Coventry. He registered 8 points last season, scoring 6 goals and 2 assists, he definitely has the potential to rack up more points this coming season. David will fit right in at Coventry with his positive attitude and great team spirit. David will be key to Coventry’s offence next season and his chemistry with Dans will help them both and the team next season.

David will wear number 71 next season.

Sarita joins the club with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the game, she is also the head coach of the GB women’s floorball team so her knowledge and skill will be a fantastic asset to the club this coming season. Sarita is a solid stay at home defender but has the ability to score goals and create chances for the fellow team mates. She registered 8 points last season, scoring 2 goals and 4 assist. Coventry will know her for her penalty shot attempt on, now team mate and goalkeeper, Maisie Gilbert (we all know what happened on that day) Sarita has received a great response from fellow team mates when she agreed to play for the Lightning next season.

Sarita will wear number 13 next season.

Sponsors players return!

Scott Marsh and Will Kempster will both return for the 2019/2020 season after being voted joint sponsors players of last season.

Will had a great season last year after having nearly 2 years out the game, he found his feet quickly in Coventry and progressed a lot during the course of last season. Will had a rough patch at the start of the season but when new coach Johanna came in she really had a high opinion of Will and his work rate, this proved to be pivotal to Wills game for the second half of the season. A switch from offence to defence really settled him and he continued to improve and work hard, he kept his hear down and was a great player to have in the changing rooms and out on the pitch. Although Will didn’t manage to pick up any points last season, he helped the team out in ways that arent shown with points, he blocked shots all season long and made fantastic plays all season. We are delighted to have re signed will for next season.

Will will wear number 91next season.

Scott Marsh played his debut season of floorball for Coventry last season and he really impressed everyone throughout the league with his high intensity and amazing team spirit all season long. Scott again was improved by the introduction of new coach Johanna, he listened to everything he was told and took it all in like a sponge. Scott is an amazing guy and he kept he his heart held up high all season long which helped Coventry keep going through the rough times. Scott managed to pick up 8 points last season, scoring 3 goals and collecting 5 assists and he earned every single point he got last season. Scott is the one guy that everyone wants on their team, his enthusiasm is second to none and his work rate is tremendous. We are really happy to have Scott back on board next season.

Scott will wear number 6 next season.

New pair of brothers join Coventry

Coventry are pleased to announce the signing of 2 new Latvian brothers to the team. Brothers Oskars and Edgars Burels bring size and strength to the squad.

Oskars is a powerful player who’s size and strength will be crucial to a solid defensive unit infront of our goal. Oskars did play for the Lightning in the last game of the season and showed his potential to become a top player, his previous knowledge of the game will also help him fit into the style of play of the team.

Oskars will wear number 27 next season

Edgars also featured in the last game of the season, he showed his size, strength and speed will cause a lot of teams problems next season. Being a big presence as a forward will help him score goals and provide assists during the season. Edgars also showed the team he is passionate about the team, he got caught up in an altercation in his first game, which involved him protecting fellow team mate Dom Holland, with that passion he can become a great player. We look forward to working with both of the brothers during the season.

Edgars will wear number 92 next season

New signing strikes!!

Coventry Lightning are pleased to announce our latest signing Dans Hofrats. Dans will be a new face in the line up for the coming season however he does have experience in the UKFF Midlands league, having played last season for league champions and national final runners up UCM. Dans brings a wealth of experience and quality to the side and will be a great addition to the team. Dans registered 6 points during last season, scoring 4 goals and 2 assists, however we know he has the potential to score a lot more goals and create a lot more opportunities for himself and the team. Dans will be a valuable asset to the team as he can play both as a forward and play strong at the back end in defence, his shooting ability and passing ability will be crucial in Coventry’s power play for next season. 
Both the club and Dans are pleased to be working together this season in pushing for a top 3 spot next season.

Dans will wear number 8 for next season.

Next signing due to be announced on Monday

Lightning ready to strike in 2019

With Coventry’s inaugural season officially finished, with the national finals being held last weekend, the Lightning are looking forward to the 2019/20 season. The rebuilding of the squad has already taken place and signings will be announced over the coming weeks.

We however start off with the news of 2 players leaving the Lightning for the coming season. Jan Felcman informed the club he would not be returning to the Lightning for this coming season due to him moving north of the border to Aberdeen. Jan was prolific for Coventry and was key to the success the club had in its inaugural season. Jan registered 39 points for Coventry last season, scoring 31 goals and 8 assists. We can all agree his form infront of goal will be missed and he does leave big shoes to fill.
The second player leaving the club is Sam Needham, he will be moving south due to his work commitments.  Sam was key to Coventry’s defensive unit and was a strong and calm player at the back end. At times Sam’s calmness and high spirits kept Coventry fighting in critical games. Sam registered 4 points with 1 goal and 3 assists during the season, however it wasn’t Sam’s scoring ability that made him a stand out performer for Coventry. His work ethic was second to none and his attitude was impeccable. Again Sam will be deeply missed and we hope he will be back in a Lightning jersey soon.

We can confirm that Coventry have confirmed their goaltending duo for next season.
Starting goalie Maisie Gilbert will return to the Lightning after an amazing performance last season. Maisie kept the Lightning in crucial games and at times was the best player on the pitch, her calmness and determination proved to be key all season. Maisie managed to pick up 1 assist during the season and she was popular amongst team mates as she clinched the Player’s Player award at the end of the season.
Our second goalie for the 2019/20 season will be Maksims Ivanovs. Maksims is no stranger to the Lightning team as he trained with the club at the back end of last season. He will be a strong goalie and will be pushing to be starting games during the season. Maksims is no stranger to floorball having played in goal in his younger years before taking a break from the sport, he has shown improvement week on week while training with the Lightning and he will only get better as the team prepare for the upcoming season.

Sponsorship Opportunity!!

Coventry Lightning are looking for sponsors to join an exciting and expanding club. A headline sponsor and smaller sponsorship spaces are available for the club. There are numerous offers we can give depending on your budget and what you are looking for. Please contact club captain Joseph Gilbert on the email or 07711567062

New Club CPO

Coventry now have a club child protection officer. Before the EGM Scott Marsh stepped forward and the Committee voted to add Scott as the clubs first Child Protection Officer. Scotts player profile along with the other players will be updated in due course.

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